Where Peace Begins

The new project of Yıldırımlar Konut, the reliable brand of the sector: Silivri Istikbal Evleri

As Yıldırımlar Konut, which always prioritizes the value added to life and you by the living spaces it has implemented with its understanding of high quality and comfort, as well as its modern and contemporary architectural structures, we are excited to bring another new and very different project to Silivri.
We invite you to a real happy life with our new project, Silivri Istikbal Evleri, which will strengthen your outlook on life.

Quality is at its core

Yıldırımlar Konut, which aims to raise the bar of quality with every project;

It is proud to offer you a quality worthy of its name with its modern and meticulous designs, quality materials used, built-in fixtures preferences in the kitchen and many other innovations.

We Invite You to a Privileged Life

A privileged life awaits you with its walking paths, camellias, playground, ornamental pool, sports field, indoor parking lot and many social opportunities where you can enjoy the day with your loved ones...

The Location of Profitable Investment

Istikbal Evleri, which has the most prestigious location in Silivri, adds value to your life with the privileges it offers. Istikbal Evleri is the most valuable of these places with its comfortable houses whose value is increasing day by day, shops where you can meet your daily needs...

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